Task Management

Exactly as the name suggests, we have made managing your tasks and projects easy as a few clicks of a button. Track your remaining and completed tasks. Be it tasks for ticket solving or tasks toward project completion, view a top-down list that segments your tasks from your colleagues. But at the same time keep up to date as to their progress.

View these changes on different visual perspectives such as Gantt charts and pie charts for completion rates.

By having automated reports, and live information, we take away menial administrative tasks for you to focus on what is truly important, you and your customer’s happiness.


Agile Task Management

Beautiful. Easy. Connected.

Modern interface

Design with you in mind and the way you like it, friendly and intuitive.


Neat and efficient overview of your projects.


Keep track of deadlines with a clear calendar view.


Plan ahead for upcoming projects with forecasts based on comparable projects


Generate reports and carry out analyses.


Break down project in bite-sized tasks and assign to team for improved collaboration.

Best in class features

Mooiko Task Management

Fully integrated with Mooiko apps

Integration helps maintain, manage, and keep all applications up to date while alleviating data duplication and redundancy.

It enables the interaction between data pipelines, applications and devices that is essential to business infrastructure.

Conceptualize project scope

Create graph views to analyze data utilizing a powerful search tool, filter and grouping functions, and a variety of unique visual interfaces to help you track and maintain your projects from any level.

Discuss tasks Share documents

Add quick notes or attach files to any task and stay connected to your team. Forget endless follow-up meetings to keep track of projects.

Communicate through the chatter, write in a shared real-time pad, or use live chat – all within a single interface!

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